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We did something a little different this month on our podcast. We did a 3-part series on Therapy. Part 1 aired on March 7th, titled “How Can Counseling Help Me?” Part 2 was “Why Moms Don’t Go To Counseling,”Part 3 aired earlier this week and was about “Our Therapy Expectations versus The Reality.”

I am a huge proponent of counseling. With that said, I don’t know why, but I stopped going to my therapist a few months ago. There was no reason other than life got busy. I’m not making excuses. I’m simply saying life has a way of catching up with you. It was Amy who spoke truth in love into me a few weeks ago and asked, “Sara, when was the last time you saw your therapist?” It was then I knew I was missing a vital part of my healthcare.

I have rewritten this “note” several times because it felt too vulnerable, honestly. I really don’t want to share it. It feels to raw, but ultimately I wish someone would have shared their story with me so I didn’t feel so alone or broken for as long as I did. I was ashamed to share my truth.

Ultimately, I wanted to share it because it wasn’t until the past few years that I had known someone like me. I figured if writing this note helps one person realize that mental health isn’t a stigma we have to try and hide, it is worth it.

With all of that said, I have major depressive disorder (clinical depression). Before I go any further, if you’ve listened to any of my podcasts or read any of my blog posts, you probably know that already. Also, I don’t use the term depression lightly, because I think the term depression is often misused.

When I say I have depression, I don’t mean I get “sad” or in a “funk” when I have a terrible day, something goes wrong, or when I even have a bad week. I could go on and on as to the symptoms I experience and how I have learned to cope (or continue to learn to cope), but that would be a series of blog posts, not a “note.”

Let me leave it at this – I often feel like I am both my own worst enemy and my biggest warrior. I am often at odds with myself. It is utterly confusing, exhausting, and (at times) debilitating.

Contrary to what others think (who simply don’t get it), I can’t just “snap out of it” or “decide to be happy.” I wish I could, but it doesn’t work that way. As I said before, I have learned coping skills through therapy, I have the support of my family and a few trusted friends, and I have an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father. For those blessings, I am grateful.

However, no one lives with my inner critic but me. My inner enemy is sneaky and she is loud. I am learning not to ignore but redirect her. She needs to understand I am no longer willing to be directed by her voice. She no longer speaks my truth. Only I do; and I will speak it so the people in the back can hear me!

I am not broken. 

I am who I am. 

I have had deep trauma in my life. 

I am allowed to name that trauma. 

It is never too late to do so.

Others don’t need to agree with my trauma.

Now that I have named the trauma, I can heal. 

I also now know that healing is a life-long process. 

Counseling is not a perfect practice. It is an ongoing life lesson. It is growth. It is an evolving healing journey filled with God’s perfect presence. As we said in this 3-part series, “We need Jesus and therapy!” Can we get an “AMEN” and a “HALLELUJAH”?!

Your pain, trauma, and healing are nothing to be ashamed of; they are a part of who you were then and who you are now.

You are more than your trauma. You are more than your pain. You are even more than your healing.

This has taken me more than a decade to learn. I am still uncovering these truths more and more. May I continue to do so. 

If you are on a similar path, may you find your own healing. Please know you are not alone. Feel free to reach out to me at sara@saraclime.comjust to have someone who “gets it.” I am the only one who reads my email, so it will be private between the two of us.

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Sara Clime

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