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IG: @amyjbrown_writer


Listen to Amy’s diagnosis story HERE!

Hi! I am Amy, a mom, wife, writer, mentor, podcast host, and listener. 

My three youngest children are adopted, and I understand how isolating and  overwhelming it can be to parent a child from trauma that struggles with mental health issues and attachment disorder.

My passion is to sit with women struggling to parent children with mental health and invisible disabilities. I am your girl if you are burned out and need a sympathetic and shame-free space to share your story. I love to give women the opportunity to share their hurts, struggles, and deep heart needs. I have 30 years of parenting experience and parent children with Reactive Attachment disorder(RAD) and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ( FASD).  

I firmly believe that our stories matter. We can learn from each other and be encouraged by sharing our stories. But most importantly, we feel less alone. It is a privilege to hear your story.

I live in Michigan and am married to my high school sweetheart. I am a mom to six unique individuals, primarily adults. However, they still call me for help regularly! I love a good book and a hot cup of strong English tea. I am actually high-maintenance about my tea! ( Ask Carrie and Sara!) I love quiet mornings, a hike in the woods, and deep conversations around the table. 



IG: @carriemholt


Listen to Carrie’s diagnosis story HERE!


Hello, I’m Carrie, an author, speaker, hospital stay expert, and podcast host who knows what it’s like to experience a prenatal diagnosis, care for a medically complex child, frequent hospital stays, home nursing, and medical emergencies. As a hospital stay expert, I have perfected the most comfortable combination for sleeping on that dreaded pull-out couch.

My passion is to help you navigate grief, learn about the worshipful practice of lament, and to daily dig deep roots into his steadfast love through the sharing of hearts, minds, and stories.

I love to teach and spent twelve years educating hospital staff about Family Centered Care from the family’s perspective as well as volunteering for many hospital committees. Practically, I want to help you speak to doctors, advocate for your child, understanding medical jargon, be a caregiver, and home nursing. 

I believe that children with disabilities need to be seen as people first, and diagnosis second.

Personally, I’m an Ohio resident with deep Michigan roots, and lover of all things Pure Michigan. I have been married to my blind date for well over twenty years, and are parents to three boys, and a daughter. I’m a ten year homeschooling mama with two graduates. On a typical day, you will find me at home: teaching, reading aloud, playing board games, riding my Peloton bike, listening to audiobooks, or curling up with a classic. (I’m even learning to love poetry and Shakespeare).



IG: @saraclime


Listen to Sara’s diagnosis story HERE!

Hi, I’m Sara! I am a disability and medical mamma, wife, organization guru, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. I know first-hand the overwhelm of being a mom to a child with disabilities and complex medical needs. Unfortunately, I understand that the supports we often search for are hard to find or don’t exist.  

 My passion is to help equip other moms and caregivers for a life they most likely weren’t prepared for so she can focus on what matters. I love walking alongside other moms, where together we can arrive at a place of community, feeling heard & seen, and ultimately a place of authentic joy.

I have embraced my inner nerd to create simple and practical tools to help deal with the daily grind of caregiving. I have first-hand experience over the past 10+ years of doctors’ visits, IEPs, clinical trials, hospital stays, and now teaching my adult son independence and how to self-advocate, where these tools have helped create margin in my life for what truly matters (my family, not to mention my sanity)! 

 I believe that a debilitating diagnosis does not need to be a debilitating life.

Having a little fun between sessions…

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