Below are resources we have shared on our podcast.

May they help you as much as they’ve helped us!

Do you have ideas of what would help you and your family? Contact us and let us know!

Advocating for our children can be exhausting, overwhelming, and seemingly never-ending. Click the picture above to download a resource we hope will help you navigate the journey!
Learn how to find gratitude in the hard places, (re)claim hope after a life-altering diagnosis, and find peace over fear. Click the picture above to download some tips and exercises that have helped each of us Take Heart and trust God.
Click here to download a printable list of scriptures that prove God think you are amazing! No matter how we may feel about ourselves, God knows we are His – and we are adored.
Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, a little bit crazy, or you just deserve a break, darnit? Click here to download a legit (seriously, it’s totally legit!) permission slip for yourself or a friend.