Episode 130: It’s OK to Feel: Sara’s Story

May 30th, 2023Episode 130It's OK to Feel: Sara's Story When Sara, Amy and Carrie met, they discovered a shared sense of determination and drive to care for their children and support each other. In their new book, The Other Side of Special, they share their individual...

Episode 129: Spina Bifida and Scars

May 23rd, 2023Episode 129Spina Bifida and Scars: Carrie Holt's Story Take Heart’s host, Carrie, shares her personal experience as a mother to a child with Spina Bifida, who has undergone 61 surgeries. She talks about how having a child with a disability can feel like...

Episode 128: Adoption and Invisible Disabilities

May 16th, 2023Episode 128Adoption and Invisible Disabilities: Amy's Journey Co-Host Amy J. Brown shares her life and adoption journey in reference to Take Heart hosts’ newly released book, “The Other Side of Special.” She addresses the struggles and challenges that...

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All moms and caregivers of individuals with disabilities and special needs have the right to embrace joy, know authentic connection, and experience fervent hope.

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Fun Facts

When did we start the podcast?

September 2020! 

What made you decide to start a podcast?

We honestly have no idea whose idea it was to start the podcast. (We blame/credit dad Gary (Morland), a writing mentor of theirs with hope*writers at the time!) We met a week before the world shut down during the COVID pandemic.

What do you love most about the podcast?

Amy: I love the guest interviews. I love to hear our guests stories. I always come way from those interviews inspired and grateful.It never ceases to amaze me the incredible people God puts in our path. 

Carrie: I love how we will pick a theme for a month, each of us will write our episodes separately, but then God beautifully weaves a theme through all of them. There are three different perspectives, and God uses each of them (even my own) to minister to my heart, or it will be just what I need at that moment.

Sara: I love the collaborative episodes! I am left in awe every time I get together with these amazing ladies and how much God has blessed me to be a part of this.

What is one thing your listeners probably don’t know about your podcast?

The average length of the individual podcast episode is 10-15 minutes, which is the time it takes us moms to drive to/from a PT, OT, doctor’s office, hospital, school, or whatever other appointment/taxi shuttle service we are running our children to/from that day. If we can’t say what needs to be said in 10-15 minutes, then our listeners probably won’t have time to listen most days. Mama has things to do!! 

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