Episodes & Transcripts

Season 3 (2022-23)

109: A Special Announcement from Take Heart
108: Misconceptions About Rest with Amy, Carrie, & Sara
107: A Season of Unrest with Sara Clime
106: How to Find Lasting Rest with Carrie M. Holt
105: Learning to Rest when you are Restless with Amy J. Brown

104: Inviting Him In: An Invitation to Intimacy with Kerrah Fabacher
103: Identity Crisis: Who Are You Really? with Sara Clime
102: The Foundation of Our Identity with Carrie M. Holt
101: Identity Theft: Remembering Who You Are with Amy J. Brown

100th EPISODE: Take Heart’s Story with Amy, Carrie & Sara
99: Difficult Waiting with Sara Clime
98: Important Questions with Carrie M. Holt
97: Expansion or Contraction with Amy J. Brown

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Our Diagnosis Stories
04: Diagnosis 101 with Amy, Carrie & Sara
03: Diagnosis 101 with Sara Clime
02: Diagnosis 101 with Carrie M. Holt
01: Diagnosis 101 with Amy J. Brown

Welcome to Take Heart

I love how, although each mom has their own journey in the special needs world, their feelings and experiences are completely relatable. I find myself often saying ‘yes, that’s exactly how I felt!’ Definitely subscribe to this one!”

Uplifting and motivating podcast!”

Thank you so much for your podcast. I have felt crushed, betrayed, and so alone. Your podcast is what I needed to hear today. Thank you for putting it out there.”

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