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Episodes & Transcripts

Season 3 (2022-23)

136: Growing Slow with Jennifer Dukes Lee
135: Who Cares For the Caregiver? An Interview with Marissa Bondurant
134: Reclaim Compassion: An Interview with Lisa Qualls
133: Holding Grief and Gratitude as a Special Needs Mom: An Interview With Dr. Lynne M. Baab
132: Living Life Open-Handed: An Interview With Johnna Hensley
131: Discerning Your Next Right Thing: An Interview with Emily P. Freeman

130: It’s Ok to Feel: Sara’s Story with Sara Clime
129: Spina Bifida & Scars: Carrie Holt’s Story with Carrie M. Holt
128: Adoption and Invisible Disabilities: Amy’s Journey with Amy J. Brown
127: The Other Side of Special: The Story behind our new book! with Amy J. Brown, Sara Clime, and Carrie M. Holt

126: Self-care Isn’t Selfish, Redirecting Survival of a Special Needs Mom: An Interview with Sara England with Sara Clime
125: Tips For Strengthening Your Marriage While Raising Special Needs Children: An Interview with Kristin & Todd Evans with Carrie M. Holt
124: Viewing Your Disabled Child with Wholeness: An Interview with Jodie Pine by Amy J. Brown
123: Unexpected Gifts Through Difficulties: An Interview With Jillian Benfield by Sara Clime
122: Struggling With Control: An Interview with Jenna Erlandson by Carrie M. Holt
121: Special Needs Parent Trauma is Real: An Interview With Jennie Owens by Amy J. Brown

120: Therapy Part 3: Our Therapy Expectations vs. The Reality with Amy, Carrie & Sara
119: Therapy Part 2: Why Moms Don’t Go to Counseling with Amy, Carrie & Sara
118: Therapy Part 1: How Can Counseling Help Me? with Amy, Carrie & Sara

117: How The Church Unknowingly Makes Special Needs Families Feel Unwelcome with Amy, Carrie & Sara
116: Back to Basics: Real Support for Special Needs Families with Sara Clime
115: Listening: How To Support a Special Needs Mom Through Life Stages with Carrie M. Holt
114: Misunderstood? How To Help Your Family Understand Your Life As A Special Needs Parent with Amy J. Brown

113: Meeting You Where You Are: An Interview With Amber Reynolds
112: A Different Perspective On Perseverance with Amy, Carrie, & Sara
111: Persevering With Grit & Grace with Sara Clime
110: Avoiding Temporary Fixes by Carrie M. Holt
109: Changing How We Persevere Through Life’s Challenges with Amy J. Brown

Look Further Ahead by Sara Clime (Replay)
Wrestling With Hope by Carrie M. Holt (Replay)
When God is Silent with Amy J. Brown (Replay)

A Special Announcement from Take Heart
108: Misconceptions About Rest with Amy, Carrie, & Sara
107: A Season of Unrest with Sara Clime
106: How to Find Lasting Rest with Carrie M. Holt
105: Learning to Rest when you are Restless with Amy J. Brown

104: Inviting Him In: An Invitation to Intimacy with Kerrah Fabacher
103: Identity Crisis: Who Are You Really? with Sara Clime
102: The Foundation of Our Identity with Carrie M. Holt
101: Identity Theft: Remembering Who You Are with Amy J. Brown

100th EPISODE: Take Heart’s Story with Amy, Carrie & Sara
99: Difficult Waiting with Sara Clime
98: Important Questions with Carrie M. Holt
97: Expansion or Contraction with Amy J. Brown

Listen to Season 1 & Season 2! Transcripts and Show Notes are available too!

Our Diagnosis Stories
04: Diagnosis 101 with Amy, Carrie & Sara
03: Diagnosis 101 with Sara Clime
02: Diagnosis 101 with Carrie M. Holt
01: Diagnosis 101 with Amy J. Brown

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