Episodes & Transcripts

Season 2 (2021-22)

64: Embrace the Unknown with Amy J. Brown

63: BONUS EPISODE: 10 Tips for Thriving This Holiday Season with Amy, Carrie & Sara
62: Living In the Land of What If: Dealing With Fear with Amy, Carrie & Sara
61: Strategic Purpose: Living With Fear, Not In It with Sara Clime
60: Refocusing Your Gaze When Confronted by Fear with Carrie M. Holt
59: Walk Into the Light to Face Our Fears with Amy J. Brown

58: Accepting The Cup You’ve Been Given: Seeing God’s Design with Amy, Carrie & Sara
57: Seeing One Side of the Story with Sara Clime
56: Positive and Negative Comparison with Carrie M. Holt
55: Consider Everything a Blessing with Amy J Brown

54: Do’s and Don’ts of Advocacy with Amy, Carrie & Sara
53: Sometimes Advocacy is Keeping Your Mouth Shut with Sara Clime
52: How to Advocate at the Hospital with Carrie M Holt
51: 7 Steps to Help You Advocate with Calm and Confidence with Amy J Brown

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Our Diagnosis Stories
04: Diagnosis 101 with Amy, Carrie & Sara
03: Diagnosis 101 with Sara Clime
02: Diagnosis 101 with Carrie M. Holt
01: Diagnosis 101 with Amy J. Brown

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